• Lying Eyes / Singles

  • There is this game you are playing at all times. Seek and hide, projecting. And judging where I'm coming from, how much I should be privy to. There is this veil that stands in between when I try to look into your eyes - you look away. There are feelings you harbour in your heart which stay there. There lie aspirations that are yours alone, they fail to be mine, because somehow they were born alone and they live alone. Our eyes never meet. Our voices are never set free. Twisted, supported, cushioned and cusped in between the banal. The banal is always creeping under the rug, sinking into the background. Settling down under, behind.

    When you relent i am usually just looking to touch something in you, to be allowed into your world, waiting for the moment when you will perhaps let your guard down for a few fleeting moments of reality. Reality… to shake our consciousness out of numbing everyday. I think it may be impossible. Really quite quite impossible. I feel like talking to you about my ideas. I feel like hearing yours out. I miss your vulnerability. I miss the you in you. I miss being close to you. I miss your eyes.